“San Diego thrashers Monarch have entered the ring with their debut album, “Go Forth… Slaughter.” And if slamming beers before jumping into a circle pit sounds like your thing, then this record is for you. Tracks like “Bloody Assault” and “Memories of War” showcase the band’s penchant for Slayer-speed and vicious songwriting. If there’s one thing this album does best, it’s conveying aggression; As if the bloody blotches on the cover and album name weren’t a dead giveaway, “Go Forth… Slaughter” has its foundation built on violence.”

“A very colorful cover can also win over many fence-sitting people – and the rawer attention to detail on the production front gives us a clearer picture of what to expect live (a sinister snare snap plus in your face guitar tones duly noted). Go Forth…Slaughter executes in that late 80’s/early 90’s thrash/death platform, where people lost interest in major label veterans straying into commercial waters. Monarch makes it safe for you to trust their music: brutal, aggressive, and all for the love of the genre.”